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Fine Arts Club Report

Fine Arts Club Report
     Government Arts College (A),
Salem – 7.
Fine Arts Club - 2019 -20.
Director of Fine Arts Club : Dr. S. Kalaichelvan,, M.Phil., M.Ed., Ph.d.,  Principal
Co-ordinator of Fine Arts Club :Dr. J. Premalatha, Associate Professor,Dept of Tamil.
Venue : College Seminar hall
Members of the Fine Arts Club:
1.      Dr. M. Uma,   Department of Tamil.  
2.      Dr. A. Uma,   Department of Tamil.
3.      Dr. S.S Kadhasamy, Department of Tamil.
4.      Dr. A. Manimegalai, Department of Tamil.
5.      Dr. H.J. Franklin Banister, Department of Co-operation.
6.      Dr. R. Nagaveni,    Department of Tamil.

Owing to the Pongal festival, the fine arts club conducted various competitions on 13.01.2020.  “Iyarkaiyaikaapom”(Save Nature) (or) “Pongal Festival” was the topic given to the students. Poem, elocution, Kolam, Mehandi, Drawing, Drama was conducted by the club. 
A total number of sixteen students participated in the elocution competition. Among sixteen students three students were selected as the best performers by the elected judges.

Elected Judges:
1.      Dr. P. Pichaimuthu, Department of Co-operation, Assistant Professor
2.      Dr. V. Veeramuthu, Department of Political Science, Assistant Professor
3.      Dr. N. Surumbarkuzhali, Department of Physics, Assistant Professor   
Best Performers:
1.      First prize      - S. Nandha Kumar - B.Sc Maths III year.
2.      Second prize – T. Thangamuthu – M.Sc. Physics II year.
3.      Third prize     - V. Manivel-  B.A. Tamil III year.
Poem Competition:
Out of nine students who participated in the competition, three students who recited the best poems were selected.
Elected Judges:
1.      Prof. ZagirHussain, Department of History, Associate Professor.
2.      Dr. P. Arul,   Department of Geography, Associate Professor.
3.      Dr. P. Senthil Vadivu, Department of Maths, Assistant Professor.
Best Performers:
1.      First prize – S. Kaviya, B.A. Tamil I year – II Shift.
2.      Second Prize – N. Jayasankar, - BCA II year.
3.      Third prize     -   R. DhivyaDharsini, B.A. English I year.
     E. Andrew Jerome, M.A. English II year.
Rangoli Competition:
Rangoli competition was conducted for all departments.
Elected judges :
1.      Dr. K. Deepa, Department of Commerce, Assistant Professor.
2.      Dr. P. Sivarajini, Department of Chemistry, Assistant Professor.
3.      Dr. T. Sasikala, Department of Botany, Assistant Professor.
Best Performers:
1.      First prize -  B.Sc Maths III year Team.
2.      Second prize - B.Sc Computer Science III year Team.
3.      Third prize    -  B.Com – Co-op(EM) III year shift I Team.

Drawing Competition:
Totally 21 students participated in the competition.
Elected judges :
1.      Dr. K. Agilandeswari, Department of Computer Applications, Associate Professor.
2.      Dr. S. Senthamarai, Department of Computer Applications, Assistant Professor.
3.      Miss. S. Geetha, Department of Statistics, Assistant Professor.
Best Performers:
1.      P. Guna, B.A. English, II year. Shift – II.
2.      S. Nirmal, BBA II Year. Shift – II.
3.      S. Tamilselvan, B.Sc Physics I year. Shift – I.

Mehandi Competition:
  Totally seven students participated in the competition. Among them, three students were selected for the most beautiful creation.      
Elected judges :             
        1.  Dr. K. Tamilarasi, Department of English, Associate Professor.
        2.  Dr. K. Jagajothi, Department of Zoology, Assistant Professor.
        3.  Dr. T.N. Geetha, Department of Economics, Assistant Professor.
Prize winners:
1.      R. Chitra – B.Sc. Computer Science, II year. Shift – I.
2.      B. Sutharsana – B.Sc. Computer Science, II year. Shift – I.
3.     D. Lavanya – B.A. Tamil, I year, Shift – II.

Drama competition:
     Two plays were enacted by the students. One play was about raising awareness towards saving nature. 32 students participated in it. And the other drama was done in comedy style skit. 6 students participated in it.
 Judges for this drama competition were,
             1.    Dr. R. Thirupathi, Department of Tamil, Assistant Professor.
2.      Dr. J. Franklin Banister, Department of Co-op, lecturer.
Both of them watched and enjoyed the plays.

Welcome Address: Dr. J. Premalatha, Associate Professor, Department of Tamil.
Keynote Address: Dr. S. Kalaichelvan, Principal.
Program Setup:  S. Nandha Kumar, Department of Maths, III year.
Vote of Thanks : S.S Kandhasamy, Guest Lecturer, Department of Tamil.

During culturals Bharatham, Dance, Elders home – drama, the cultural art Oyilattam, Karagattam, Silambattam, and heroic games with  mixed comedy was performed by the students. The principal of our college and the event judges applauded the price winners.
     At the end of the event, students who got prizes, event participants, professors and team members were given certificates.
Fine Arts Club had put in great effort and made this event a huge success.

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