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B.A., Tamil
from 2013 -2014
First year – First semester- Main paper
Modern and Diaspora literature

Aim- Tamil students will know our culture, Diaspora`s culture and globalization.

In Modern literature we introduce 50% of the articles from motherland writings and 50% of the articles from Tamil Diaspora.

Early Tamil literary theory and poetics, from around the beginning of the Christian era, classified the subject matter of all literature into two main genres, akam and puram. Akam refers to the inner world, and is, effectively, to do with love. Puram refers to the outer world and consists of the praise of kings and patrons, and about war and the death of warriors. Both akam and puram are further divided into five main types, each associated with a particular landscape, tinai, and a system of images associated with that landscape.
The poetics of landscape continues to haunt Tamil writing. Of course, modern writers don't seek to replicate it, but rather, to glance at it, allude to it, dialogue with it, or even reconfigure it. That is the exciting bit. So we get in their writing cityscapes of alienation, snowscapes of exile and Diaspora, landscapes of the imagination, fantasy worlds. But we also get confrontations and collisions between these different perspectives and worldviews; between the old and the new. So changing landscapes are also about changing identities. Tamil people living all around the world. Some people settled more than 100 years in their new place like Malaysia, Singapore, Australia. But they don’t quit from their ancient culture. They wrote their thoughts in Tamil in the form of Novel, short stories and drama etc. They are called Diaspora literature. We select our lessons from Malaysia,Singapore,srilangan writers.
Benefits – Tamil students will know the Tamil Modern literature with Diaspora literature
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